Monday, March 23, 2015

A low-risk investment entry I spotted in IVL weekly chart.

I studied price movements of IVL in this weekly chart by drawing trailing supply lines connecting recent two highs and trailing demand lines connecting recent two lows. The black dotted lines were demand and supply lines in the distant past. The pink dotted lines were the most recent past demand and supply lines. The red and green lines are present supply and demand lines respectively.

While the share price was in between the present demend and supply line in this chart, we can see the area in which no supply and demand lines existed. If we started investing in IVL when the price broke into this region (at the openning price of Monday 2 February 2015 = 21.60 THB) and exited when the price arrived the end of this region (at the openning price of Monday 16 February 2015 = 25.00 THB), we would have gain the profit of 25.00/21.60 = 15.74% in 14 days. That would have been comparable to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 107.70%.

Next time of my investing in a stock, I would certainly draw demand and supply lines in its weekly chart and look for the blank regions where no trails of demand and supply lines exist and consider that along with other indicators as a low-risk entry point.

If you can't draw demand and supply lines by yourself, Seek for a help!

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